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Automotive Lust of the Day, Peak Bill Mitchell Edition: 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport

Bill L Mitchell was the head of GM styling from 1958 until 1977. His influence and originality peaked in the early sixties when both the Sting Ray Corvette and Buick Riviera debuted in 1963. The Sting Ray was introduced with all of Mitchell’s styling cues including the controversial and short-lived split rear window. The Riviera was originally intended as a Cadillac but was rejected and brought out as a Buick. The original model year was introduced without some important features that Mitchell had intended for it. It was the 1965 model that finally included the “clamshell” headlights that gave the…

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Automotive Lust of the Day, Green Wheels Edition: 1932 Buick Model 65 Sport Phaeton

The seller claims that the green wheels and pinstripe were the original colors of this rare Buick. While that might be true, it takes some getting used to. The rest of this straight-eight classic is easier on the eye. The phaeton body style is generally one of the more expensive ones to produce but creates a useful open car. The Buick eight was a well-engineered overhead valve engine that performed well even as it was being retired in the late forties. Buicks of this model year used a radiator grille that resembled Packard’s unique shape. Overall, this is a highly…

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